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Join the

For expert-led businesses looking to increase sales with effective marketing and become an authority in their niche.

>>> Accelerate your sales & increase your income in 2024

Where big Visions meet concrete Results.

Join an exclusive group of experts and aspiring industry leaders in this 6-month program that takes control of your sales and develops your business to its highest potential.

Selling can and should be the easiest part of your business if you are serious about scaling up,
growing your revenue and making a significant impact on your industry.

But right now:

>>> Your sales don't feel as predictable or as easy as you would like and you are ready to grow!

>>> You spend a lot of time on your marketing but lack direction and long for simple and repeatable strategies where you know exactly what you need to post to generate sales and attract the RIGHT customers.

>>> You feel unsure of how you can best position yourself and your offers to effortlessly attract customers who are ready to buy.

>>> Your income is not growing at the rate you want, and it feels as if you are constantly chasing new customers without seeing long-term growth.

This is where The Advisory Room comes in

As a member of The Advisory Room, you gain exclusive access to our consulting firm through a private, application-based program that offers a unique combination of group consultation, training and private advisory. This is your chance to become part of a group of like-minded founders and future industry leaders while being challenged, strengthening your marketing and increasing your sales.

Intentional Strategy, Potent Marketing, Repeatable Results

We help you as an expert in your industry to master and strengthen all parts of your business and marketing to increase your income.

You get personal help with your positioning, offers, copy, content, e-mail marketing, launch strategy, planning, etc. - yes anything to generate more sales and improve the results you see from your marketing!



>>> Becoming an in-demand authority in your niche, recognized for your expertise and ability to deliver results with more inquiries than you have seats.

>>> Having powerful content and effective communication that sells your services for you where you can raise your prices without objections or the need for long sales processes.

>>> Being in full control of the revenue in your business because you know exactly what you need to say in your marketing to call in ready-to-buy customers on repeat and increase your sales year after year.

In The Advisory Room, you will be guided by experts who support you at every step of your journey to accelerate growth and income in your particular domain. It's a hands-on and results-oriented program specifically tailored for growing personal brands and service-based entrepreneurs who are ready to regularly sell their services and sign contracts with high-paying clients through their marketing and business development.

Where sales become easy and experts become leaders in their industry

Program structure

Personal advice for maximum results

Unlike traditional courses that follow a strict curriculum, The Advisory Room adopts an agile and personalized approach to provide you with the best possible support and results. We understand that every business and entrepreneur has its own challenges, strengths and goals. Therefore, our focus is on offering real-time support with practical consultation and guidance that responds to your immediate needs while working towards long-term growth and scalability.


The program is based on our  main pillars:



Our goal is to make sales the easy part of your business and take you to a market-dominant position with global influence in your industry.

We specialize in effective marketing strategies grounded in sales psychology, designed to deliver real results. In the Advisory Room, you will be challenged to think differently and break boundaries to achieve greater goals for your business.

Your admission to The Advisory Room includes:


6 months

>>> Weekly Group/Q&A calls with our founder and Head-Advisor Jennifer

>>> Custom support with Jennifer and our team Monday-Thursday in Slack

>>> Personal feedback on material, content, sales pages, etc.

>>> Group coaching via Zoom with our program manager every other week

>>> The Advisory Portal filled with education, resources and course materials to binge for life!

>>> A community of like-minded and ambitious entrepreneurs committed to their craft

Your investment inThe Advisory Room

The Advisory Room provides exclusive access to marketing experts, coaching, tailored marketing strategies and powerful resources for your business - a transformative experience designed for serious entrepreneurs. 


The investment in this expert-led guidance is 6500 USD + sales tax for EU residents

With partial payment possible up to 9 months x 770 USD


This is your opportunity to secure ongoing expert marketing support to drive your business forward. Apply for your spot in The Advisory Room today!


Admission to the program takes place on a rolling basis, subject to availability.

Meet our past clients

"With Jennifer, it's not a lot of "fluff". Straight to the point and focus on what makes a difference to move quickly forward and see new results. If you do the work, you'll count The Advisory Room home many times over. Since I started working with Jennifer I have learned how to communicate in the right way to the right client and it really works. I have almost doubled my prices and never before have I received so many messages from clients who write that it feels like I am talking directly to them and don't back down for the price." - Hildur B

"We highly recommend working with Jennifer, she is a pro at communication and can also help you with the strategies. It was a great return on investment!" - Emma & Caroline

"Jennifer has the rare ability to put herself into different niches and give great feedback that is right for my business. She is incredibly knowledgeable and very straightforward and honest about what works and what doesn't and that's a great quality! I always get clear answers from her and I don't have to think and read between the lines. In three months I have learned so much from her! And think so much will happen in the next three months as we continue to work together. Because of course I wanted extend our partnership! Both me and my company are worth it. It's a no-brainer!! Jennifer is simply the best at what she does and I feel 100% confident with her, both as a person and in her knowledge. I have already recouped the investment I made in joining The Advisory Room! My business needs all the knowledge she teaches and it's probably the same for you." - Angelica E

"Working with Jennifer means you're working with a professional. There are a lot of coaches out there who talk a lot to get sales, but Jennifer walks the talk, and she knows what she's talking about. What's unique about her is that she knows her thing - she guides in a friendly but firm way. Plus she has a confidence that is contagious! Just do it. It's the best investment I've made in my business and I will continue to work with her! Wish I did the earlier." - Nella L

"Dare to invest! And - if you have a good service, you will earn back the money you spend on Jennifer's coaching faster than you think :). Jennifer has helped me to both zoom out and give an overall picture and strategy for my sales, but also assisted in going into detail in my messaging to improve it. I've also been confident in the past that what I'm doing is good, but haven't been able to follow through on it, which has been so frustrating. With Jennifer's help, I finally understand how to communicate to activate the right customers." - Susanna D

Meet our Founder

Jennifer Olsson

Jennifer has successfully built multi-6 figure businesses in two markets and has helped hundreds of experts, coaches, and consultants just like you rapidly grow their sales through potent marketing that sells.

Jennifer will step into the role of your private business and marketing consultant, dedicating her focus to leading your business strategy. You will work closely with her, both individually and in a group context, to identify existing gaps, formulate innovative strategies, and effectively implement them in your company. Her main goal is to increase your revenue and implement sustainable strategies for continued growth.

Copy of Masterclass ACTIVATE.png

Application requirements:

Our most successful clients are not just looking for quick results, but are committed to building long-term sustainable growth so they can achieve their biggest goals and sustain them.


You are an expert in your field, know how to create results for your customers, but sales feel slow and you are ready to regularly fill your offers and accelerate your income.


What sets us apart is our focus on creating real impact. Our program is exclusive and only available by application, ensuring that each member contributes a high level of commitment to their business and expertise in their field. By working with professionals who value quality, we ensure that our program consists of leaders who shape the industry and make a difference for their customers.

Before joining this program, you should:

>>> Be ready to take action and implement

>>> Feel confident in your work and your ability to support clients

>>> Be committed to growing your business to a high income

>>> Know that building a sustainable, thriving business requires consistent implementation over time

If this is you, we look forward to welcoming you to apply to join the select group of visionary entrepreneurs in The Advisory Room in 2024!

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